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Now we are hiring below positions:

  1. Sales Agent: With 2 years sales experience preferably lighting and opt-electronics industry.
    Familiar with UAE market.
    Qualification: Bachelor Degree preferred
    Age Limit: 25-30 years M/F
  2. Assistant of G.M.: With 3 years experience of contract drafting in formal companies, familiar
    with the UAE law and regulation.
    Qualification: Bachelor Degree preferred. Fluent in English, Arabic both
    Written and Verbal
    Age Limit: 25-30 years Female
  3. Opt-Electronics Engineer: With experience in lighting and Opt-Electronics. Fluent in
    English,Hindi, Urdu and Arabic(opt.)
  4. Receptionist: With 3 years experience
    Qualification: Bachelor Degree
    Age Limit: 23-28 years Female

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